Huwebes, Hunyo 30, 2011

Let the GOOD VIBES roll !

     Who would imagine, that a freshmen student who enter the college of communication is now on her Senior year. I just can't imagine how fast days past me by. And i thank my GOD because i am continuing as a regular student. No one have the right to tell me, everything goes easy and smooth. It was not easy at all. I've been through hardships, i've experienced sleepless nights,  cramming etc. Everything that a dedicated students do. I cannot say typical students do the same, i just want to clarify the difference between a dedicated student into a typical one. For me, it's not the same. It will never be. Yeah, they're both students but just differ when it comes to the heart and compassion.They both have their own goals in life, but a dedicated one holding not just a dream, but process to step forward and achieve it.

     And now i am continuing my journey. It was different now, for i need to work with people i do not know much, people with different attitudes i have to accept. learning things outside the familiar walls of our classroom and to face the introduction of my profession. Here comes my first On-the Job training! Actually it gives me a hard time. It's like a pain in my ass. I've been processing my papers to enter to the one of the largest broadcasting company here in manila - GMA. But unfortunately, i wasn't able to achieve it. Schedules didn't fit in to mine. As much as i wanted to, it wasn't God's plan for me. Yes! i do believe that. Do not be sad or show a single frown into your lovely face. Not everything here in life go smoothly as what you've plan for. Who know's it would turn out the best. Luckily, Love Radio under Manila Broadcasting company accepted me. Never i have imagine myself entering here. It was out of the plan. But like what i've said, it wasn't my idea but it is GOD who put me here. I just keep on praying, and hoping that HE will stay beside me all the time. For without HIM i cannot handle things i never thought i can, i cannot unleashed talents i never thought i have and last, i will not have this compassion that i have been hiding for a very long time.

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