Lunes, Hulyo 25, 2011


    Another rainy morning. I guess the weather wants to say something. As i arrived at the station everyone is in good condition. All practicumers are there including those who has their duty in the morning. The booth looks  like a classroom filled with students. Being with them is just normal, for me we are all came from same school. Of coarse same college as well. though some of them are having difficulties when it comes to their attitude i might  instead be civil with them. Of coarse we can't please everybody. As what i've said before, i was prepared for this kind of situation because in the first place i don't really don't know the people i'll be working with. It was a challenged for me. It will examine how am i when it comes to dealing with other, how will i participate and coordinate with people whom i don't even know. But at least it will test how professional we are when it comes to work. Working with these people are very different from working with my entire classmates. It was not easy at all. Since me and my classmates used to be working together with different production at school, we know already the Do's and Dont's of each other.This time i'm going to work with people from the other section. I hope rivalry won't exist.

     Anyway this day was really memorable. All those smiles we have in the morning suddenly fade away. Ms. Missy Hista, one of the DJ's and also our supervisor got really upset. It was a heart pounding moment. It was like a bomb ready to explode. She's really mad! The reason behind all of that is because the practicumer's between Saturday's and Sunday's didn't show themselves. So the outcome, no one is in the station to upload songs that will be aired. thank God i have no duties on Saturday and Sunday. Still, it was a lesson everyone should know.

Biyernes, Hulyo 22, 2011

Campaign Strategies!

    Everyone wants to be the best. We all wanted to make it to the top. To be number ONE! But for Love    Radio, they wanted to STAY on the top. To maintain being number one. That's why they're having different strategies. Strategies that will surely caught everyone's attention. Today, they are having a campaign. Dj's together with staffs are going to different terminal to be able to see and get along with different drivers. Good thing, i was part of that campaign. Ms. Rica Hera, one of the jocks at the station ask for my help, and instantly i grabbed it. We ride on a company car by MBC our target place is the terminal along Trinoma. It was a long drive. Due to heavy rain, it took us ours to be there. I was with three DJ's. The all time favorite, Papa Jack, Rica Hera and Love Radio new DJ and proud Pupian Ms. Lala Banderas. Traffic is all over our way. Papa jack suggested to go to Guadalupe first, where another tower of MBC is located. Since it was raining hard, he decided to tour us first for us to be familiar with the alternative tower of the stations we are working with.

    Papa Jack is really generous, he, himself volunteered to took us some pictures to be included in our portfolio. He's talkative. Lots of stories to tell, very funny and so entertaining. That's why we didn't get bored while waiting at the cab He said that whenever the MBC building electricity unexpectedly shut down, this tower will automatically provides current so that airing wouldn't be stopped. No time for dead air huh! At last, we're officially at the said location. Good timing, there are lots of driver's at the terminal. Everyone was shocked as they see their favorite DJ's in front of them. Surely they never thought and expect for these people to be here at the same time, talking in front of them. We absolutely feel their warmed welcome. You can see smiles all around. We give away Love Radio shirts, raffled tickets, a ride all you can pass at the Star City, Talked with them and of coarse invite them to continue giving their support for the station. All in all, we did a great job. Everyone enjoyed the day. And this campaign strategy will surely put Love Radio to be on top for another years to come.

Huwebes, Hulyo 21, 2011

Tired, but worth my time.

     Tired but everything is worth my time. Everyday i wish i could do something that will help someone. Even a little help counts. Yes! it counts and leave a big impact to them. I want my day to end in a worthy way. Yes! it happens today. Just as the moment i arrived at the station, Ms Nicolehyala, ask for a favor. She ask me if i could help her to buy stuffs for kids at the orphanage. For she wanted to help them by giving gifts. She allow me to choose things to buy. Things that i know kids at the orphanage will appreciate. It took me hours to think what to buy, it was tiring. But then, to think how these stuff will make those kids happy is really priceless. I admire Nicolehyala for that. She's really have a good heart for she knows how to share her blessings. Good choice anyway. She gives hope for that kids that still, there is someone who care for them and love them. I do believe that the more you give, the more blessings you will receive .By showing the smallest good deeds is worth a thousand grand intentions  And maybe that's the reason why blessings continue flowing  Miss Nicole's life. Because she knows how to share. I really admire her for that, and it made me feel so glad that somehow i have done a little contribution. No man was ever honored by what he receive, but honor reward for what he gave.

      How i wish i can join her at the orphanage. I wanted to see those kids. I want to see their reaction about the gifts and how they appreciate it. Ms. Nicole continuous to thank me. For she's too busy, she didn't find time to do it on her own. She said that by doing that, i myself give a little help to those kids. I contribute something they really appreciate and enjoy. Heading back at the station, i was too tired. My feet hurts. Ive been at the store for almost 3 hours, just to know what exactly i will buy that will surely appreciate by these kids. Thank God Ms. Nicole herself  loved those stuffs i bought. 

Miyerkules, Hulyo 20, 2011

Strive Hard!

     Today was totally a busy day. Actually a busy week for all of us. Were doing lot of things. Competition's of different stations begin. To start it up, Love Radio are now preparing for a campaign. They want to make sure they could still make it to the top. Just to inform you, Love Radio leads for almost nine years. They're number one for nine consecutive years. Amazing right! I was wondering how they maintain being on the top for almost a couple of years, knowing that there's a lot of radio stations here in the Philippines trying and competing to be on top. Yey! It makes me proud! But as far as i observed, people there has their own part. They share talents, skills and of coarse knowledge. from the top down to the staff are really doing well. Maybe that's their main secret. They undergo brainstorming, sharing of thoughts and meetings to discuss what to maintain and what to improve. Definitely they're professionals. No wonder, they are still on top. And even they already got the top spot, Love Radio never stop competing. The station wants the assurance that they can hold the title for the incoming year.

     I was just quietly observing them, so that when time comes, i mean when i become totally part of them, i know what to do. haha! Who know's right!? And one more i observed is that people there undergo difficulties before they got the position they are having now. It only showed how deserving they are for the position they're holding right now. They are now reaping their hard works. No one promises for things to be easy. It may not be easy, but soon everything will be worth it. I was just inspired by them. I look at those experiences as a part of my learning process. They encouraged me a lot and triggers me to be more persevere and focus in achieving my goal. 

Linggo, Hulyo 17, 2011

Fun Run to Fun' Fun

     Getting ready for today is the first MBC Manila Bay Clean-Up Run. Wow! how lucky we are to be part of this event. They call this Fun Run with the intention to help Manila bay. What a good idea! Lots of people are there to participate and join the Manila Broadcasting Company advocacy. Our call time was 3am. We need to be there, as early as we can to help the other staff in preparing for the run. Honestly i'm not in good condition. I was sick. But because i don't wanna miss this one of kind experience, still i decided to go. And i think i made the right decision. Everything was awesome. Though we didn't run, i still had fun. Knowing that we are part of that one big production with the advocacy that is really meaningful. Wow! I maybe tired that day but everything was worth it. Not all trainee's are invited to be there, that's why i feel so grateful. I also got the chance to meet various artist. I love artist! It was really amazing and enjoyable. Plus the fact that all the staff was in good mood. No pressure and stress at all. We just enjoyed the day.

     I experienced lots of things in my short period of stay here at the Love Radio station, experience i never thought i could have. Very precious and rare. i think all of us have our own different story about our stay in our chosen station for our On the Job Training. I hope we all have good and wonderful stories to tell. Because if i were to ask, i can definitely say i really had a great time. I maybe tired, there are times that i go home late, but still everything is worth my time. Truly, because of this On the Job training i've experienced  things that's really memorable and worthy to be treasured. I've met people i never thought i could get along with. Wow! That was too much, and i always thank my Lord for all of this. I know he has planned more for me, plans better than i expect.

Huwebes, Hulyo 14, 2011

Expect the Unexpected.

     I was really excited to arrive at the station today.  There's a lot of things to celebrate. It was DZRH anniversary! Expect a lot of food, different people who come and join the celebration including celebrities and politician. Indeed it was a star studded party! Plus the fact that we are also part of the "Radyo? Dalawa lang yan!" concert of Love Radio and Yes fm.I was really expecting a wonderful day today. But all of a sudden, things came unexpectedly. From morning down to the last minute of our stay. This day was filled with negative vibes. Side by side we are ask to assist them. People are in panic, they're too busy doing their own thing but still asking our favor for some help. I wasn't shock at all. I prepared myself for that. I know that i need to use my versatility strength because this day will be a busy day for all of us. Lunch time came, i was expecting food from our sister station for they're celebrating their anniversary, anyway, not only me. Even the staff of other station have the same expectation. besides there's a lot of food sponsored by different people and company. Only to find out that the food was exclusive for their staff only. Too bad for us who expect. Anyway it wasn't a big deal at all. I was just thinking how selfish they are!? haha!

     Moving forward, i'd look for the brighter side of it not just to ruined my day. I was just thinking of the things that gonna happen later at the concert. And how enjoyable it will be. Only to find out again that we are not part of the concert. Strike two! I was so disappointed. I hope they inform us as early as they can. Right!? So inconsiderate. I wanted to be part of that because all the Dj's are included at the concert. They are required to be there. Anyway, let's give chance to the others. There are also other trainee's who wanna be part and who wants to experience those stuff. Honestly, things come unexpectedly. Lesson, expect less.

Miyerkules, Hulyo 13, 2011

What a Lazy Day!

     I was alone for this day. And i feel totally totally lonely. I was the only practicumer left at the station, i don't know why but they're all absent. Hmmmm. I just cant imagine consuming hours alone. I hope it wont happen again. anyway, though i was alone, i still do my job well. Thank God i didn't get bored because of a lot of drivers coming in at the station to fill up registration for the Love Radio promo. It was called " Love Know's No Boundaries." a one of a kind promo exclusive for all drivers out there. Which they can win money and 2 motorcycle. Indeed, it catches all driver's attention. I was too busy entertaining and explaining to them all about this promo and how they can win. Of coarse all they have to do is to tune in to 90.7 Love Radio. So simple! I consider this as the most lazy day of my stay here at the station. Actually i have nothing more to say, for i do nothing but to stay at the station lobby and wait if there's anyone who still want to register at the station's promo.

      I am just hoping for a wonderful day tomorrow. I am expecting that, for we are having another concert. It was located at Caloocan where we can see different bands performing and most especially all the DJ's of Love and Yes Radio station. They are all required to be there, and of coarse they prepare a special number only for there die hard listeners. Let's get excited! Surely it will be another concert blast! Hoping for a more exciting and enjoyable day. Though we do the same thing over and over again, i guess somehow, there will be times that we encounter different things that give us another memorable experience to share.

Lunes, Hulyo 11, 2011

Leaving the stress behind!

     Waking up too early is really a big deal. Especially these days because of the cold weather. How i loved to lay down at my bed and continue those fancy dreams. But i just have to stop it, wake up, stand up and get back into reality. Time to make this fancy dream into a real action. How? of coarse by stopping this lazy attitude. Everyday i need to remind myself about my goals, in order for me to start my day well. I must be reminded about my future dreams, on how i wanted my life to be, because by this means, i became more motivated on everything i was doing. It was just a relaxing day for me. We didn't do hard things. Since it was Monday, staff is having their Monday meeting, as always. We used to gathered them in awhile to be prepared for their meeting and then we take in charge in answering calls. Actually that's the only thing i've done this day. No pressure. See!? The good thing is Dj's allow us to go home early. No stress at all. It was totally different because as we leave the station i was blinded by the light. We usually go home late at night, plus the fact of the rainy season causing traffic, i use to arrived home totally wasted. But today, everything is different, and i hope i can experience another. Haha!

     Because of the early out, me and some friends decided to see the Azkals. The well known soccer team on these generation. Since the venue of their training is just near the station, we decided to visit and see of coarse the player and how these athletes play live. Fantastic! We didn't feel disappointed. We saw them and we also got the chance to talk with them. I saw them face-to face. What a nice experienced. Today is totally a relaxing day. I just simply leave all the stress behind, and chill out for awhile.

Biyernes, Hulyo 8, 2011

Show them what you've got!

     Indeed another rainy day. I was thinking the traffic it will cause again! Yay! so i have to move fast and fixed myself as early as i can. Heading at the station wasn't that bad. Thank God i did not encounter a huge traffic. Im sick and tired of that. I never stop complaining. Too bad. Anyway at least it started my day well. Everyday, we get a chance to get close and to know more about the Dj's. Because to rest of my stay there, i was with them. One DJ gave us a copy of CD composing different artist. Among them all, she's the one who really spent time with  us. trainee's. I was touched. She didn't do that to everyone. That's why i promised her that i will keep that one as a souvenir from her. I was also ask to load songs again. Since i was the only practicumer left at the station. I was shocked as i saw the list, it was different from before. It gives me a hard time understanding how am i put this right. I don't want to upset my boss, but since i didn't know how am i do it, i ask him. Good thing he answered me well. There's nothing wrong about asking questions, especially when you really don't know the answers. But sometimes, we are lacking the courage to do that, maybe because we are afraid. Remember, there is nothing to frighten us if we just refuse to be afraid.

     Everyday i get the chance to know people whom i am working with. They're having different attitudes, some are jolly, cool and fun to be with, while the others are too serious, nagger and strict. Anyway i have to deal with that. Even at the very first time i enter this station, i accept the fact that not all people are the same. I need to be prepared for i do not know lot of people i've been working with. But for as long as i know how to limit myself, to respect them and most especially, im doing my job well, everything fall down into it's proper place. Set free all your worries, focus on what you are doing, listen to what other people say. if it is negative, well ... do not get too much affected. If it is a compliment, thank them for they appreciate what u are doing. that's the secret recipe.

Huwebes, Hulyo 7, 2011


     As of today, all is well! It seems like God is answering my everyday prayer. Every morning, before going to the station i always ask him for guidance. I always pray for help, so that i can do every task right. And he never disappoint me but instead, everyday he AMAZED me. I decided to be at the station early. As early before my duty. I came right at the station at exactly 10:00am. Since there's no practicumers every Thursday and Friday i just decided to be there even before my duty time. Though the weather wasn't good, heaven continues pouring heavy rain, and it was so cold that everybody here in the house is sleeping well, i have to fix myself and get ready to start my day. Just like my previous duty, again i loaded songs that will be aired for the next day. This time i made faster. It seems like i've mastered loading it! Being in a FM station was not that hard. Everybody is in good condition. It was cool and no pressure at all. Unlike in AM station, people there are too serious. They're doing lot of things, that pressure is in their arms at all times. I'm not against them, of coarse they all have different strategies how to train students like us. And most especially their format was different. I just hope that AM stations should start introducing or airing their programme to the youth. Simply because their target was only adults, most of the teenagers are not interested with what they are airing, they have to think of the ways how to get the attention of our youth today, because time will come that these youth will be the adults of tomorrow. 

     Days of staying here is totally a wonderful experience. As days past me by, i noticed i started conquering those fears i have when i was just starting. I learned to adjust myself from the people i was working with,  we all know it wasn't easy for all of us, for we are having our own and different attitudes. I just try to be and stay nice at all times. And of coarse from the rules and regulations of the station. Good to know that as of today, everything's  flowing smoothly.  

Martes, Hulyo 5, 2011


     Everyday i always make sure i came on time. As much as possible, before my duty time. So everyday i have to wake up at 8:00 just to fix my stuff and most especially myself. I make sure that before 10:00 in the morning, i already leave the house. Pasay City is  a little too far from the house that consumed almost one and half hour travelling. Really exhausting! Anyway, thank God as of today I've never been late. Today i have accomplished a lot of things. from the moment i got to the station, Ms. Nicole Hyala ask for my help to fix her office just to be prepared for the coming of the staff of GMA. She was invited for an interview for the Jessica Soho's show. The topic was all about different collector's item. And since Ms. Nicole have a huge collection of Hello Kitty stuff, she was part of the show. Yeah she really likes Hello Kitty and it shows even in her office. After that, i was also assign to load songs that will be played for the next day. It was hard at first, because you need to load songs that will be aired from morning till in the evening. All the songs was already prepared, you just have to put it properly with different dedicated time.

     honestly, today was a tiring day. Plus the unexpected traffic that i have encountered way back home. I traveled 3 hours! What a pain in my ass! I was so sleepy at the jeepney and i couldn't help it. Plus the fact that i haven't eat yet my dinner. But still i am thankful for this another day. Though i was tired, i make sure that i have done my duty well. Still looking forward for a wonderful day. And i pray for less traffic as well. Haha!

Lunes, Hulyo 4, 2011

First week, Be good to me.

     When you make the best out of what you are doing, feeling happy with every work you've got, i'll tell you, your'e not working at all. The fact that you enjoyed every single thing you do, it becomes a hobby. Same as doing a simple daily routine. It didn't give you a hard time but  a lesson's to be experience and memories to treasure. This day was another great day.  Another day to get this once in a lifetime chance to get to know well the Dj's. One thing i've notice, they're very professional when it comes to work. And i admire them for being one. They came on time, they do their lines and script on the spot, and though some of them was not feeling well, they still do their job well done.  Another thing, today we've got our Love Radio shirt. it was red same as their logo. i was just so excited to wear that. We are advice to wear the shirt every Friday of our duty. Because of that i feel like i was really part of the station staff. One Dj also teach me a "Hand sign" She said that we will do it whenever we see each other. It was like a sign of respect. All Love Radio family know's that. And it was really cool!.And because today is Monday, all Love radio staff are having their Monday meeting. So we trainee's are assign to answer calls for the mean time. Calls from their different sponsor and other's having their own different concerns. I was a little bit pressured, but thank God, it turns out well.

      My  first day to start my week of stay here at the station. Im still a bit of nervous. Everything still new and on process. That's why whenever we are assign to do something i really pay attention, listening carefully and keeping my mind focus. I don't want to disappoint anyone. I keep on telling myself that i can do this! Giving myself a bit confidence. I guess that's my weakness. But from this moment on, i have to change that pitiful attitude and start giving myself encouragement. 

Sabado, Hulyo 2, 2011

Concert Blast !

     It was my first day! yey! im really excited to work as well as to gain experience. i dont know yet what will going to happen or the things that im going to do here, but still im just holding every lesson i've learned and make sure that i am equipped  by experience i have for the past years in my college. My first day was absolutely awesome. I got the chance to meet Love Radio Dj's and to see how they perform in radio live. Well actually that's the first. No doubt they are number one in the spotlight. They have great Dj's . Different Dj's with different talent when it comes to speaking. No doubt they caught every listeners attention easily. I've seen Ms. Nicoleyhala, she's so approachable and of coarse the popular one, Papa jack. I also got the chance to talk to Ms. Rica Hera, she is jolly and easy to get along with, Ms. Missy Hista, the one who is in-charge with us practicumers and a lot more. I wasn't able to meet everyone yet, and im hoping to see them and gain even a little bit advice.

     Luckily, Love Radio prepared a free mini concert. A star studded concert. Since they're the leading FM radio here in the country for almost 9 years, which is awesome. And followed by Yes Fm their sister company, they decided to come up with a thanks giving party entitled "Radyo dalawa lang yan!". And we trainee's are also part of that. It was like a huge production. Nothing new about that, we communication students are very familiar when it comes to production. I guess it was my lucky day! I was a little bit shock when i found out that me together with the other trainee's are will be part of the production staff. honestly i wasn't expecting that. Gotcha! It was an over flowing excitement. Arriving at the concert, together with the others i used to assist other staff and contribute every little thing i could give to make sure everything's fine and smooth. Im still hoping for more. More experience to have and new lesson's to learn. The pressure is still there. For i don't want to upset the "upper" or my boss and of coarse most especially myself. It is more on trusting yourself and most especially believing in HIS name. Everyday i pray that may GOD stay right beside me all the time. Most especially when i'm at work, for i know that he's there i can do and accomplish every task given to me.