Sabado, Hulyo 2, 2011

Concert Blast !

     It was my first day! yey! im really excited to work as well as to gain experience. i dont know yet what will going to happen or the things that im going to do here, but still im just holding every lesson i've learned and make sure that i am equipped  by experience i have for the past years in my college. My first day was absolutely awesome. I got the chance to meet Love Radio Dj's and to see how they perform in radio live. Well actually that's the first. No doubt they are number one in the spotlight. They have great Dj's . Different Dj's with different talent when it comes to speaking. No doubt they caught every listeners attention easily. I've seen Ms. Nicoleyhala, she's so approachable and of coarse the popular one, Papa jack. I also got the chance to talk to Ms. Rica Hera, she is jolly and easy to get along with, Ms. Missy Hista, the one who is in-charge with us practicumers and a lot more. I wasn't able to meet everyone yet, and im hoping to see them and gain even a little bit advice.

     Luckily, Love Radio prepared a free mini concert. A star studded concert. Since they're the leading FM radio here in the country for almost 9 years, which is awesome. And followed by Yes Fm their sister company, they decided to come up with a thanks giving party entitled "Radyo dalawa lang yan!". And we trainee's are also part of that. It was like a huge production. Nothing new about that, we communication students are very familiar when it comes to production. I guess it was my lucky day! I was a little bit shock when i found out that me together with the other trainee's are will be part of the production staff. honestly i wasn't expecting that. Gotcha! It was an over flowing excitement. Arriving at the concert, together with the others i used to assist other staff and contribute every little thing i could give to make sure everything's fine and smooth. Im still hoping for more. More experience to have and new lesson's to learn. The pressure is still there. For i don't want to upset the "upper" or my boss and of coarse most especially myself. It is more on trusting yourself and most especially believing in HIS name. Everyday i pray that may GOD stay right beside me all the time. Most especially when i'm at work, for i know that he's there i can do and accomplish every task given to me.

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