Martes, Agosto 23, 2011

Closing Time.

     Every beginning has it's own ending. The day finally arrived, i have to say goodbye. Mixed of emotions i am feeling right now. I don't know exactly how to explain. Remembering the first day i entered the MBC building makes me feel sad. I just imagine the hardships i've been through looking for the right radio station to start up my internship. God really provides. He never let you down. He always give what is best and what is really meant for you. Surely everything will be badly missed. I was there for almost a month, working with different people, doing task which is new to me, learning lessons which is not taught inside the classroom, things that i will surely missed but definitely carried with me as i leave the station. I just remember the days which i do not know anything about internship. What am i gonna do there? What's station i should pursue applying? Do you think i can do this? A lot of questions coming through my mind. Luckily good choice, i decided to take risks. 

    I conquered every doubt that has been on my mind, i just started to trust and believe in myself. Carrying more confidence on me and getting out of my shell. Reminiscing those days was really heartwarming. plus the fact that you get attached with the people whom you never thought you can get along. Evaluation here you go! im a bit nervous but im sure i did my job well done. I hope it wont made me feel disappointed. It was wonderful experience to have. Hoping for a lot more. I honor everyone who inspire and encourage me. Sending resume to different station gives me a hard time, it was God's plan that i was at Loveradio. Simply because this is where i meant and the place he exclusively provide. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

Biyernes, Agosto 19, 2011


     You can hear nothing but silence inside the booth. Today was really different. Since a lot of trainee's are done with their required time to be allotted here at the station, you can really feel their absence. Anyway, as many says, every beginning has it's own ending. Me too, sad to say, hours from now i'll be leaving my LoveRadio family. But i am proud to say that i have with me all the teachings i've learned coming from them. Teaching's i could apply as i continue my journey. People there treated us well. I have nothing to say against them. I loved working with them. They teach us a lot of things. things that we could also apply in our personal and daily life. God is really great for letting me to be part of Love radio and for letting me to experienced such things. Morning till afternoon this day, seems like an ordinary day. Not until Sarah Geronimo an actress/singer visited the station. i could see many of her die hard fans waiting to see her. Hmmmm. Maybe i could also considered as one. LOL. And yes, she's so beautiful. She's at the station to promote some of her song that was being aired.

     Because of Love radio i got the chance to see various artist. Those artist that i really admire. I got the chance to talked with the DJ's. To be part of a production everytime we have "Radyo dalawa lang yan" concert. Truly a one of a kind experience. Surely im going to miss this as i finish everything and said my last goodbye. Every beginning has it's own ending. Start of the countdown. Yes! few hours left from now i have to leave the station. Gladly i'll be ending this experience with my head up high, much equipped with knowledge, and having enough confidence to face a new chapter of my life. 

Lunes, Agosto 15, 2011

Grand Stickering Campaign

     You can really feel how tough the competition was. Since Love radio hit the top place for more than nine years, still the pressure is on. They want to re assure if their listeners are solid as they was before.They need to think of other tactics to secure and keep their listener's or audience. We all know that there's a lot of good radio station here in manila. but still, listener's has their own capability to choose where to tune in. Gladly, for the past nine years, the support they are giving put a great impact. That's the reason why love radio is still the number one FM radio station here in the Philippines.What a great compliment isn't it?  Today is Love Radio grand stickering campaign. One strategies to caught more listener's attention. It was held at the parking lot of Star City. This campaign is exclusive for all driver's, taxi and Fx drivers. All they have to do is to registered and of coarse they'll have the Love Radio sticker and that will be their entry for Love Know's No Boundaries promo where they can get free boundaries once they win on the raffle draw.

     Nice strategy right? In this kind of profession, you really need to have a brilliant mind to think of a new strategies to be used in order for you to protect your target audience. Of coarse your audience is very important. Without them what's the reason of putting up radio stations anyway? That's why we have and need to protect them. They're the one who buys our product, so in-able for them to buy, we must bring out the best product we could possibly give. Since there's a lot of different brand who are selling the same product. We got to be different. unique and incomparable. Though its been more nine years being number one, Loveradio  continue and still proving they deserve the spot. It was a tiring yet fulfilling day for me. We've accomplished a lot of things, and im just so proud that i was part of that campaign. Seeing a lot of driver's coming in just to have registered their cab makes me feel comfortable. It only show how they appreciate the campaign led by the the number one radio station nationwide. None other than ...."Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?" 90.7 Loveradio.

Sabado, Agosto 13, 2011

Job well done!

     Since the day before, i was hoping i could make it. I was praying i could experience again the fun and excitement of "Radyo dalawa lang yan" concert. A free concert prepared by Loveradio and YesFM that will be held at Mandaluyong. I want to be there. My eagerness couldn't stop by anyone. It was star studded. Celebrities invited was really awesome. I wanted to see them! I'm looking forward to see those  big celebrities that was invited for the event. Bugoy Drilon, Jovit Baldivino and my all time favorite band Callalily will be there. Of coarse i want to see Kean cipriano, their lead vocalist. I was a huge fan of this man, and his band. I was dying to see him again in person. But of coarse beyond all of this my main purpose is to be part of the production for the second time. i want to get familiarize to this profession. Everything i have to know i must and i have to learn while i'm still here. because sooner or later i'll be gone, as i finish the time required for this training. I want everything to go smoothly and well planned. So when the time comes that i have to leave my Loveradio family, i have a lot of memories to treasure and new lessons to be apply.

     God seems to be answering all my prayers. Luckily it's confirmed! i will be part of the production! That was great! everything is falling into places.Right after i arrived the station, we are advise to get ready and prepare our self. We are going to the venue to prepare all things needed. I was at the said  venue from 2:00 pm onwards. It was the most tiring but still the most memorable days in my entire training.  I really enjoyed the day. Though we done a lot of things, i'm pretty sure we did a great job. We do our part wholeheartedly as well as the complete staff. Indeed it was a job well done! 

Miyerkules, Agosto 10, 2011


     Today, nothing is really especial. Most of our time spend on sitting, and waiting for the task that will be assigned to us. Siesta!  Honestly, it was a boring day. plus the silence inside the building really makes me feel lazy. Most of the staff of the stations are out for a pictorial that will be post on the LoveRadio website.And since jocks are out, all their adlib for today are recorded. you can really feel the difference when their not around. because they're the one that adds color to the station. They make every working hours easy and simple. They are lively people. That's why, you can really feel their absence. I just want to honor these guys for they are humble people. for they didn't create boundaries between us. they treated us fair and well. They are approachable people. Easy to be with. I was just so blessed to meet these guys for they teach us lessons not just because it was part of our stay there but of coarse they wanted to share their knowledge. They also share some experiences they have that will surely help us as we go on our different path.

     On this day, i have some realization on how blessed i am to be here. Meeting wonderful people and learning new things at the same time enjoying. Days past by so fast that i started to get attached with them. And im sure all at once they will also remember me even on the day that i will be leaving the station.

Lunes, Agosto 8, 2011

Rivalry Begins!

     Happy Monday Morning! It's really nice to start your day with a smile. I was just too inspired today. Maybe because i wanted to start this week right! Forgetting about the things that makes you uncomfortable, and appreciating things that makes you happy regardless if it's big or small is one way of having a wonderful start. It was nice to know that everyday i learned more about the people around me. i learn how to deal with their attitude. In a short period of time i guess i become closer to them. I feel blessed because they're a nice to me. Especially the staff of the station. They showed me one of a kind experience and teach me lesson's which is really memorable to me. Those lessons i treasured the most. Since it was Monday, Loveradio is having their continuous Monday meeting. Again, we are assigned to answer phone calls. We are all busy doing different task. It feels like we are really part of the station.

     Everyday i make sure i've given the best of what i have. As what the others do. That's why Loveradio remain their title as "Number One"  It was nice working with the top station. but still it is a hard competition. Truly, rivalry begins.  Maybe that's why they're having meetings and brainstorming to throw out opinions so that they can give the best to their listeners. Im sure, other station is doing the same thing. Of coarse everyone wants to be on top. But being on top is not that easy. It takes one brilliant mind to come up with a good strategies to be used and a good team up of cooperation of the whole staff. That's the edge of Loveradio i guess. After the meeting they said that it's going to be tough. they're planning to have different strategies that really needs manpower and cooperation of the whole staff. I become really excited. I loved field work. I was wondering what kind of strategies they are talking about. 

Biyernes, Agosto 5, 2011

One Point!

It seems like today was just another ordinary day. i came at the station a minute before my duty. Everyone was there already. The Dj's together with the other practicumers. We do the same work over and over again, that sometimes it bores me to the extent that i  just want to finish my duty time and go home. A little while Ms Missy Hista, one of the jocks ask everyone who wants to join and assist her at the Araneta Coliseum  for a PBA game. She used to host there all the time.The funny thing is that, no one raised their hands. Seems like nobody wants. Maybe because they're not interested or it could also because of the time it will take. As for they're experienced, it was ended late at night, knowing that their house is away far from Araneta. Maybe that's their main concern. Well anyway having no doubt, i volunteered. Just for the experience and to release this boredom. Hell yeah! it's killing me! The Jock got surprised. Honestly, they really loved practicumers who usually volunteer with every task needed to be done. One point! LOL. Well anyway i considered also the fact that the venue was just a minute away from the house. And it would take hours for me just to got home.

     It took hours for us to arrived at the venue. Again, it was traffic! Happily we didn't get bored. While Ms. Missy is driving, we used to talked and know different things about each other. What a good bonding time! And finally, this is it! though i wasn't fond of watching basketball game, still i was excited to see those PBA players.  It was nice to know that we are seating at the courtside. a lil way far and next to the players. Staff there treat us special. They accommodate us well and gave food. It was really memorable. I saw different players like Alapag, Intal, Menk, Arwind Santos and of course, my all time favorite Caguioa. Not everyone can have the same experienced as i have. That's why i considered this day a special day.

Huwebes, Agosto 4, 2011

Lunes, Agosto 1, 2011

What you plant is what you reap.

     Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul. Everyday i need to remind myself about the plans i have. Goals i wanted to achieved in the near future. In that way, it helps me to be more inspire in everything that i am doing. No one can motivate you much more than your own. Maybe that's my secret. Reminding myself of a life i wanted to have when i grew up. As for the saying "What you plant is what you reap."We need to invest for a better future because we are spending the rest of our lives there. Having this training gives me more motivation in life. It was just like preparing myself  for a huge battle. It is much more of a requirement for me. And what i was doing now is part of my investment. Getting lots of knowledge, experiencing new things in life, getting much prepared and equipped for an incoming battle. I really believe that you don't have to be like Einstein, i mean to be so intellectually perfect to be successful in life. Because in this time, we are competing not only by mind, but also with skills.

     Don't expect to achieved all your dreams in just sitting there waiting for the opportunities to come. All life demands struggles and hardships. Remember those people who have everything given to them become lazy , selfish and insensitive to the real values of life. Don't forget that opportunities comes once, if you don't grab it, someone deserving will take your place. That's why setting your goals and priorities in life are so important. Staying here at the station makes me think of my plans in life. I wonder years from now, what will i become. Of coarse at some point, pressure's on and continue to overtake my emotion. But i have to believe in myself and continue to hope for a better future.