Lunes, Agosto 15, 2011

Grand Stickering Campaign

     You can really feel how tough the competition was. Since Love radio hit the top place for more than nine years, still the pressure is on. They want to re assure if their listeners are solid as they was before.They need to think of other tactics to secure and keep their listener's or audience. We all know that there's a lot of good radio station here in manila. but still, listener's has their own capability to choose where to tune in. Gladly, for the past nine years, the support they are giving put a great impact. That's the reason why love radio is still the number one FM radio station here in the Philippines.What a great compliment isn't it?  Today is Love Radio grand stickering campaign. One strategies to caught more listener's attention. It was held at the parking lot of Star City. This campaign is exclusive for all driver's, taxi and Fx drivers. All they have to do is to registered and of coarse they'll have the Love Radio sticker and that will be their entry for Love Know's No Boundaries promo where they can get free boundaries once they win on the raffle draw.

     Nice strategy right? In this kind of profession, you really need to have a brilliant mind to think of a new strategies to be used in order for you to protect your target audience. Of coarse your audience is very important. Without them what's the reason of putting up radio stations anyway? That's why we have and need to protect them. They're the one who buys our product, so in-able for them to buy, we must bring out the best product we could possibly give. Since there's a lot of different brand who are selling the same product. We got to be different. unique and incomparable. Though its been more nine years being number one, Loveradio  continue and still proving they deserve the spot. It was a tiring yet fulfilling day for me. We've accomplished a lot of things, and im just so proud that i was part of that campaign. Seeing a lot of driver's coming in just to have registered their cab makes me feel comfortable. It only show how they appreciate the campaign led by the the number one radio station nationwide. None other than ...."Kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?" 90.7 Loveradio.

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