Miyerkules, Agosto 10, 2011


     Today, nothing is really especial. Most of our time spend on sitting, and waiting for the task that will be assigned to us. Siesta!  Honestly, it was a boring day. plus the silence inside the building really makes me feel lazy. Most of the staff of the stations are out for a pictorial that will be post on the LoveRadio website.And since jocks are out, all their adlib for today are recorded. you can really feel the difference when their not around. because they're the one that adds color to the station. They make every working hours easy and simple. They are lively people. That's why, you can really feel their absence. I just want to honor these guys for they are humble people. for they didn't create boundaries between us. they treated us fair and well. They are approachable people. Easy to be with. I was just so blessed to meet these guys for they teach us lessons not just because it was part of our stay there but of coarse they wanted to share their knowledge. They also share some experiences they have that will surely help us as we go on our different path.

     On this day, i have some realization on how blessed i am to be here. Meeting wonderful people and learning new things at the same time enjoying. Days past by so fast that i started to get attached with them. And im sure all at once they will also remember me even on the day that i will be leaving the station.

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