Biyernes, Agosto 5, 2011

One Point!

It seems like today was just another ordinary day. i came at the station a minute before my duty. Everyone was there already. The Dj's together with the other practicumers. We do the same work over and over again, that sometimes it bores me to the extent that i  just want to finish my duty time and go home. A little while Ms Missy Hista, one of the jocks ask everyone who wants to join and assist her at the Araneta Coliseum  for a PBA game. She used to host there all the time.The funny thing is that, no one raised their hands. Seems like nobody wants. Maybe because they're not interested or it could also because of the time it will take. As for they're experienced, it was ended late at night, knowing that their house is away far from Araneta. Maybe that's their main concern. Well anyway having no doubt, i volunteered. Just for the experience and to release this boredom. Hell yeah! it's killing me! The Jock got surprised. Honestly, they really loved practicumers who usually volunteer with every task needed to be done. One point! LOL. Well anyway i considered also the fact that the venue was just a minute away from the house. And it would take hours for me just to got home.

     It took hours for us to arrived at the venue. Again, it was traffic! Happily we didn't get bored. While Ms. Missy is driving, we used to talked and know different things about each other. What a good bonding time! And finally, this is it! though i wasn't fond of watching basketball game, still i was excited to see those PBA players.  It was nice to know that we are seating at the courtside. a lil way far and next to the players. Staff there treat us special. They accommodate us well and gave food. It was really memorable. I saw different players like Alapag, Intal, Menk, Arwind Santos and of course, my all time favorite Caguioa. Not everyone can have the same experienced as i have. That's why i considered this day a special day.

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