Biyernes, Agosto 19, 2011


     You can hear nothing but silence inside the booth. Today was really different. Since a lot of trainee's are done with their required time to be allotted here at the station, you can really feel their absence. Anyway, as many says, every beginning has it's own ending. Me too, sad to say, hours from now i'll be leaving my LoveRadio family. But i am proud to say that i have with me all the teachings i've learned coming from them. Teaching's i could apply as i continue my journey. People there treated us well. I have nothing to say against them. I loved working with them. They teach us a lot of things. things that we could also apply in our personal and daily life. God is really great for letting me to be part of Love radio and for letting me to experienced such things. Morning till afternoon this day, seems like an ordinary day. Not until Sarah Geronimo an actress/singer visited the station. i could see many of her die hard fans waiting to see her. Hmmmm. Maybe i could also considered as one. LOL. And yes, she's so beautiful. She's at the station to promote some of her song that was being aired.

     Because of Love radio i got the chance to see various artist. Those artist that i really admire. I got the chance to talked with the DJ's. To be part of a production everytime we have "Radyo dalawa lang yan" concert. Truly a one of a kind experience. Surely im going to miss this as i finish everything and said my last goodbye. Every beginning has it's own ending. Start of the countdown. Yes! few hours left from now i have to leave the station. Gladly i'll be ending this experience with my head up high, much equipped with knowledge, and having enough confidence to face a new chapter of my life. 

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