Lunes, Agosto 1, 2011

What you plant is what you reap.

     Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul. Everyday i need to remind myself about the plans i have. Goals i wanted to achieved in the near future. In that way, it helps me to be more inspire in everything that i am doing. No one can motivate you much more than your own. Maybe that's my secret. Reminding myself of a life i wanted to have when i grew up. As for the saying "What you plant is what you reap."We need to invest for a better future because we are spending the rest of our lives there. Having this training gives me more motivation in life. It was just like preparing myself  for a huge battle. It is much more of a requirement for me. And what i was doing now is part of my investment. Getting lots of knowledge, experiencing new things in life, getting much prepared and equipped for an incoming battle. I really believe that you don't have to be like Einstein, i mean to be so intellectually perfect to be successful in life. Because in this time, we are competing not only by mind, but also with skills.

     Don't expect to achieved all your dreams in just sitting there waiting for the opportunities to come. All life demands struggles and hardships. Remember those people who have everything given to them become lazy , selfish and insensitive to the real values of life. Don't forget that opportunities comes once, if you don't grab it, someone deserving will take your place. That's why setting your goals and priorities in life are so important. Staying here at the station makes me think of my plans in life. I wonder years from now, what will i become. Of coarse at some point, pressure's on and continue to overtake my emotion. But i have to believe in myself and continue to hope for a better future.


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