Lunes, Agosto 8, 2011

Rivalry Begins!

     Happy Monday Morning! It's really nice to start your day with a smile. I was just too inspired today. Maybe because i wanted to start this week right! Forgetting about the things that makes you uncomfortable, and appreciating things that makes you happy regardless if it's big or small is one way of having a wonderful start. It was nice to know that everyday i learned more about the people around me. i learn how to deal with their attitude. In a short period of time i guess i become closer to them. I feel blessed because they're a nice to me. Especially the staff of the station. They showed me one of a kind experience and teach me lesson's which is really memorable to me. Those lessons i treasured the most. Since it was Monday, Loveradio is having their continuous Monday meeting. Again, we are assigned to answer phone calls. We are all busy doing different task. It feels like we are really part of the station.

     Everyday i make sure i've given the best of what i have. As what the others do. That's why Loveradio remain their title as "Number One"  It was nice working with the top station. but still it is a hard competition. Truly, rivalry begins.  Maybe that's why they're having meetings and brainstorming to throw out opinions so that they can give the best to their listeners. Im sure, other station is doing the same thing. Of coarse everyone wants to be on top. But being on top is not that easy. It takes one brilliant mind to come up with a good strategies to be used and a good team up of cooperation of the whole staff. That's the edge of Loveradio i guess. After the meeting they said that it's going to be tough. they're planning to have different strategies that really needs manpower and cooperation of the whole staff. I become really excited. I loved field work. I was wondering what kind of strategies they are talking about. 

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