Sabado, Agosto 13, 2011

Job well done!

     Since the day before, i was hoping i could make it. I was praying i could experience again the fun and excitement of "Radyo dalawa lang yan" concert. A free concert prepared by Loveradio and YesFM that will be held at Mandaluyong. I want to be there. My eagerness couldn't stop by anyone. It was star studded. Celebrities invited was really awesome. I wanted to see them! I'm looking forward to see those  big celebrities that was invited for the event. Bugoy Drilon, Jovit Baldivino and my all time favorite band Callalily will be there. Of coarse i want to see Kean cipriano, their lead vocalist. I was a huge fan of this man, and his band. I was dying to see him again in person. But of coarse beyond all of this my main purpose is to be part of the production for the second time. i want to get familiarize to this profession. Everything i have to know i must and i have to learn while i'm still here. because sooner or later i'll be gone, as i finish the time required for this training. I want everything to go smoothly and well planned. So when the time comes that i have to leave my Loveradio family, i have a lot of memories to treasure and new lessons to be apply.

     God seems to be answering all my prayers. Luckily it's confirmed! i will be part of the production! That was great! everything is falling into places.Right after i arrived the station, we are advise to get ready and prepare our self. We are going to the venue to prepare all things needed. I was at the said  venue from 2:00 pm onwards. It was the most tiring but still the most memorable days in my entire training.  I really enjoyed the day. Though we done a lot of things, i'm pretty sure we did a great job. We do our part wholeheartedly as well as the complete staff. Indeed it was a job well done! 

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