Lunes, Hulyo 25, 2011


    Another rainy morning. I guess the weather wants to say something. As i arrived at the station everyone is in good condition. All practicumers are there including those who has their duty in the morning. The booth looks  like a classroom filled with students. Being with them is just normal, for me we are all came from same school. Of coarse same college as well. though some of them are having difficulties when it comes to their attitude i might  instead be civil with them. Of coarse we can't please everybody. As what i've said before, i was prepared for this kind of situation because in the first place i don't really don't know the people i'll be working with. It was a challenged for me. It will examine how am i when it comes to dealing with other, how will i participate and coordinate with people whom i don't even know. But at least it will test how professional we are when it comes to work. Working with these people are very different from working with my entire classmates. It was not easy at all. Since me and my classmates used to be working together with different production at school, we know already the Do's and Dont's of each other.This time i'm going to work with people from the other section. I hope rivalry won't exist.

     Anyway this day was really memorable. All those smiles we have in the morning suddenly fade away. Ms. Missy Hista, one of the DJ's and also our supervisor got really upset. It was a heart pounding moment. It was like a bomb ready to explode. She's really mad! The reason behind all of that is because the practicumer's between Saturday's and Sunday's didn't show themselves. So the outcome, no one is in the station to upload songs that will be aired. thank God i have no duties on Saturday and Sunday. Still, it was a lesson everyone should know.

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