Lunes, Hulyo 11, 2011

Leaving the stress behind!

     Waking up too early is really a big deal. Especially these days because of the cold weather. How i loved to lay down at my bed and continue those fancy dreams. But i just have to stop it, wake up, stand up and get back into reality. Time to make this fancy dream into a real action. How? of coarse by stopping this lazy attitude. Everyday i need to remind myself about my goals, in order for me to start my day well. I must be reminded about my future dreams, on how i wanted my life to be, because by this means, i became more motivated on everything i was doing. It was just a relaxing day for me. We didn't do hard things. Since it was Monday, staff is having their Monday meeting, as always. We used to gathered them in awhile to be prepared for their meeting and then we take in charge in answering calls. Actually that's the only thing i've done this day. No pressure. See!? The good thing is Dj's allow us to go home early. No stress at all. It was totally different because as we leave the station i was blinded by the light. We usually go home late at night, plus the fact of the rainy season causing traffic, i use to arrived home totally wasted. But today, everything is different, and i hope i can experience another. Haha!

     Because of the early out, me and some friends decided to see the Azkals. The well known soccer team on these generation. Since the venue of their training is just near the station, we decided to visit and see of coarse the player and how these athletes play live. Fantastic! We didn't feel disappointed. We saw them and we also got the chance to talk with them. I saw them face-to face. What a nice experienced. Today is totally a relaxing day. I just simply leave all the stress behind, and chill out for awhile.

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