Huwebes, Hulyo 14, 2011

Expect the Unexpected.

     I was really excited to arrive at the station today.  There's a lot of things to celebrate. It was DZRH anniversary! Expect a lot of food, different people who come and join the celebration including celebrities and politician. Indeed it was a star studded party! Plus the fact that we are also part of the "Radyo? Dalawa lang yan!" concert of Love Radio and Yes fm.I was really expecting a wonderful day today. But all of a sudden, things came unexpectedly. From morning down to the last minute of our stay. This day was filled with negative vibes. Side by side we are ask to assist them. People are in panic, they're too busy doing their own thing but still asking our favor for some help. I wasn't shock at all. I prepared myself for that. I know that i need to use my versatility strength because this day will be a busy day for all of us. Lunch time came, i was expecting food from our sister station for they're celebrating their anniversary, anyway, not only me. Even the staff of other station have the same expectation. besides there's a lot of food sponsored by different people and company. Only to find out that the food was exclusive for their staff only. Too bad for us who expect. Anyway it wasn't a big deal at all. I was just thinking how selfish they are!? haha!

     Moving forward, i'd look for the brighter side of it not just to ruined my day. I was just thinking of the things that gonna happen later at the concert. And how enjoyable it will be. Only to find out again that we are not part of the concert. Strike two! I was so disappointed. I hope they inform us as early as they can. Right!? So inconsiderate. I wanted to be part of that because all the Dj's are included at the concert. They are required to be there. Anyway, let's give chance to the others. There are also other trainee's who wanna be part and who wants to experience those stuff. Honestly, things come unexpectedly. Lesson, expect less.

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