Huwebes, Hulyo 7, 2011


     As of today, all is well! It seems like God is answering my everyday prayer. Every morning, before going to the station i always ask him for guidance. I always pray for help, so that i can do every task right. And he never disappoint me but instead, everyday he AMAZED me. I decided to be at the station early. As early before my duty. I came right at the station at exactly 10:00am. Since there's no practicumers every Thursday and Friday i just decided to be there even before my duty time. Though the weather wasn't good, heaven continues pouring heavy rain, and it was so cold that everybody here in the house is sleeping well, i have to fix myself and get ready to start my day. Just like my previous duty, again i loaded songs that will be aired for the next day. This time i made faster. It seems like i've mastered loading it! Being in a FM station was not that hard. Everybody is in good condition. It was cool and no pressure at all. Unlike in AM station, people there are too serious. They're doing lot of things, that pressure is in their arms at all times. I'm not against them, of coarse they all have different strategies how to train students like us. And most especially their format was different. I just hope that AM stations should start introducing or airing their programme to the youth. Simply because their target was only adults, most of the teenagers are not interested with what they are airing, they have to think of the ways how to get the attention of our youth today, because time will come that these youth will be the adults of tomorrow. 

     Days of staying here is totally a wonderful experience. As days past me by, i noticed i started conquering those fears i have when i was just starting. I learned to adjust myself from the people i was working with,  we all know it wasn't easy for all of us, for we are having our own and different attitudes. I just try to be and stay nice at all times. And of coarse from the rules and regulations of the station. Good to know that as of today, everything's  flowing smoothly.  

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