Miyerkules, Hulyo 20, 2011

Strive Hard!

     Today was totally a busy day. Actually a busy week for all of us. Were doing lot of things. Competition's of different stations begin. To start it up, Love Radio are now preparing for a campaign. They want to make sure they could still make it to the top. Just to inform you, Love Radio leads for almost nine years. They're number one for nine consecutive years. Amazing right! I was wondering how they maintain being on the top for almost a couple of years, knowing that there's a lot of radio stations here in the Philippines trying and competing to be on top. Yey! It makes me proud! But as far as i observed, people there has their own part. They share talents, skills and of coarse knowledge. from the top down to the staff are really doing well. Maybe that's their main secret. They undergo brainstorming, sharing of thoughts and meetings to discuss what to maintain and what to improve. Definitely they're professionals. No wonder, they are still on top. And even they already got the top spot, Love Radio never stop competing. The station wants the assurance that they can hold the title for the incoming year.

     I was just quietly observing them, so that when time comes, i mean when i become totally part of them, i know what to do. haha! Who know's right!? And one more i observed is that people there undergo difficulties before they got the position they are having now. It only showed how deserving they are for the position they're holding right now. They are now reaping their hard works. No one promises for things to be easy. It may not be easy, but soon everything will be worth it. I was just inspired by them. I look at those experiences as a part of my learning process. They encouraged me a lot and triggers me to be more persevere and focus in achieving my goal. 

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