Biyernes, Hulyo 8, 2011

Show them what you've got!

     Indeed another rainy day. I was thinking the traffic it will cause again! Yay! so i have to move fast and fixed myself as early as i can. Heading at the station wasn't that bad. Thank God i did not encounter a huge traffic. Im sick and tired of that. I never stop complaining. Too bad. Anyway at least it started my day well. Everyday, we get a chance to get close and to know more about the Dj's. Because to rest of my stay there, i was with them. One DJ gave us a copy of CD composing different artist. Among them all, she's the one who really spent time with  us. trainee's. I was touched. She didn't do that to everyone. That's why i promised her that i will keep that one as a souvenir from her. I was also ask to load songs again. Since i was the only practicumer left at the station. I was shocked as i saw the list, it was different from before. It gives me a hard time understanding how am i put this right. I don't want to upset my boss, but since i didn't know how am i do it, i ask him. Good thing he answered me well. There's nothing wrong about asking questions, especially when you really don't know the answers. But sometimes, we are lacking the courage to do that, maybe because we are afraid. Remember, there is nothing to frighten us if we just refuse to be afraid.

     Everyday i get the chance to know people whom i am working with. They're having different attitudes, some are jolly, cool and fun to be with, while the others are too serious, nagger and strict. Anyway i have to deal with that. Even at the very first time i enter this station, i accept the fact that not all people are the same. I need to be prepared for i do not know lot of people i've been working with. But for as long as i know how to limit myself, to respect them and most especially, im doing my job well, everything fall down into it's proper place. Set free all your worries, focus on what you are doing, listen to what other people say. if it is negative, well ... do not get too much affected. If it is a compliment, thank them for they appreciate what u are doing. that's the secret recipe.

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