Linggo, Hulyo 17, 2011

Fun Run to Fun' Fun

     Getting ready for today is the first MBC Manila Bay Clean-Up Run. Wow! how lucky we are to be part of this event. They call this Fun Run with the intention to help Manila bay. What a good idea! Lots of people are there to participate and join the Manila Broadcasting Company advocacy. Our call time was 3am. We need to be there, as early as we can to help the other staff in preparing for the run. Honestly i'm not in good condition. I was sick. But because i don't wanna miss this one of kind experience, still i decided to go. And i think i made the right decision. Everything was awesome. Though we didn't run, i still had fun. Knowing that we are part of that one big production with the advocacy that is really meaningful. Wow! I maybe tired that day but everything was worth it. Not all trainee's are invited to be there, that's why i feel so grateful. I also got the chance to meet various artist. I love artist! It was really amazing and enjoyable. Plus the fact that all the staff was in good mood. No pressure and stress at all. We just enjoyed the day.

     I experienced lots of things in my short period of stay here at the Love Radio station, experience i never thought i could have. Very precious and rare. i think all of us have our own different story about our stay in our chosen station for our On the Job Training. I hope we all have good and wonderful stories to tell. Because if i were to ask, i can definitely say i really had a great time. I maybe tired, there are times that i go home late, but still everything is worth my time. Truly, because of this On the Job training i've experienced  things that's really memorable and worthy to be treasured. I've met people i never thought i could get along with. Wow! That was too much, and i always thank my Lord for all of this. I know he has planned more for me, plans better than i expect.

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