Martes, Hulyo 5, 2011


     Everyday i always make sure i came on time. As much as possible, before my duty time. So everyday i have to wake up at 8:00 just to fix my stuff and most especially myself. I make sure that before 10:00 in the morning, i already leave the house. Pasay City is  a little too far from the house that consumed almost one and half hour travelling. Really exhausting! Anyway, thank God as of today I've never been late. Today i have accomplished a lot of things. from the moment i got to the station, Ms. Nicole Hyala ask for my help to fix her office just to be prepared for the coming of the staff of GMA. She was invited for an interview for the Jessica Soho's show. The topic was all about different collector's item. And since Ms. Nicole have a huge collection of Hello Kitty stuff, she was part of the show. Yeah she really likes Hello Kitty and it shows even in her office. After that, i was also assign to load songs that will be played for the next day. It was hard at first, because you need to load songs that will be aired from morning till in the evening. All the songs was already prepared, you just have to put it properly with different dedicated time.

     honestly, today was a tiring day. Plus the unexpected traffic that i have encountered way back home. I traveled 3 hours! What a pain in my ass! I was so sleepy at the jeepney and i couldn't help it. Plus the fact that i haven't eat yet my dinner. But still i am thankful for this another day. Though i was tired, i make sure that i have done my duty well. Still looking forward for a wonderful day. And i pray for less traffic as well. Haha!

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