Lunes, Hulyo 4, 2011

First week, Be good to me.

     When you make the best out of what you are doing, feeling happy with every work you've got, i'll tell you, your'e not working at all. The fact that you enjoyed every single thing you do, it becomes a hobby. Same as doing a simple daily routine. It didn't give you a hard time but  a lesson's to be experience and memories to treasure. This day was another great day.  Another day to get this once in a lifetime chance to get to know well the Dj's. One thing i've notice, they're very professional when it comes to work. And i admire them for being one. They came on time, they do their lines and script on the spot, and though some of them was not feeling well, they still do their job well done.  Another thing, today we've got our Love Radio shirt. it was red same as their logo. i was just so excited to wear that. We are advice to wear the shirt every Friday of our duty. Because of that i feel like i was really part of the station staff. One Dj also teach me a "Hand sign" She said that we will do it whenever we see each other. It was like a sign of respect. All Love Radio family know's that. And it was really cool!.And because today is Monday, all Love radio staff are having their Monday meeting. So we trainee's are assign to answer calls for the mean time. Calls from their different sponsor and other's having their own different concerns. I was a little bit pressured, but thank God, it turns out well.

      My  first day to start my week of stay here at the station. Im still a bit of nervous. Everything still new and on process. That's why whenever we are assign to do something i really pay attention, listening carefully and keeping my mind focus. I don't want to disappoint anyone. I keep on telling myself that i can do this! Giving myself a bit confidence. I guess that's my weakness. But from this moment on, i have to change that pitiful attitude and start giving myself encouragement. 

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