Miyerkules, Hulyo 13, 2011

What a Lazy Day!

     I was alone for this day. And i feel totally totally lonely. I was the only practicumer left at the station, i don't know why but they're all absent. Hmmmm. I just cant imagine consuming hours alone. I hope it wont happen again. anyway, though i was alone, i still do my job well. Thank God i didn't get bored because of a lot of drivers coming in at the station to fill up registration for the Love Radio promo. It was called " Love Know's No Boundaries." a one of a kind promo exclusive for all drivers out there. Which they can win money and 2 motorcycle. Indeed, it catches all driver's attention. I was too busy entertaining and explaining to them all about this promo and how they can win. Of coarse all they have to do is to tune in to 90.7 Love Radio. So simple! I consider this as the most lazy day of my stay here at the station. Actually i have nothing more to say, for i do nothing but to stay at the station lobby and wait if there's anyone who still want to register at the station's promo.

      I am just hoping for a wonderful day tomorrow. I am expecting that, for we are having another concert. It was located at Caloocan where we can see different bands performing and most especially all the DJ's of Love and Yes Radio station. They are all required to be there, and of coarse they prepare a special number only for there die hard listeners. Let's get excited! Surely it will be another concert blast! Hoping for a more exciting and enjoyable day. Though we do the same thing over and over again, i guess somehow, there will be times that we encounter different things that give us another memorable experience to share.

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