Biyernes, Hulyo 22, 2011

Campaign Strategies!

    Everyone wants to be the best. We all wanted to make it to the top. To be number ONE! But for Love    Radio, they wanted to STAY on the top. To maintain being number one. That's why they're having different strategies. Strategies that will surely caught everyone's attention. Today, they are having a campaign. Dj's together with staffs are going to different terminal to be able to see and get along with different drivers. Good thing, i was part of that campaign. Ms. Rica Hera, one of the jocks at the station ask for my help, and instantly i grabbed it. We ride on a company car by MBC our target place is the terminal along Trinoma. It was a long drive. Due to heavy rain, it took us ours to be there. I was with three DJ's. The all time favorite, Papa Jack, Rica Hera and Love Radio new DJ and proud Pupian Ms. Lala Banderas. Traffic is all over our way. Papa jack suggested to go to Guadalupe first, where another tower of MBC is located. Since it was raining hard, he decided to tour us first for us to be familiar with the alternative tower of the stations we are working with.

    Papa Jack is really generous, he, himself volunteered to took us some pictures to be included in our portfolio. He's talkative. Lots of stories to tell, very funny and so entertaining. That's why we didn't get bored while waiting at the cab He said that whenever the MBC building electricity unexpectedly shut down, this tower will automatically provides current so that airing wouldn't be stopped. No time for dead air huh! At last, we're officially at the said location. Good timing, there are lots of driver's at the terminal. Everyone was shocked as they see their favorite DJ's in front of them. Surely they never thought and expect for these people to be here at the same time, talking in front of them. We absolutely feel their warmed welcome. You can see smiles all around. We give away Love Radio shirts, raffled tickets, a ride all you can pass at the Star City, Talked with them and of coarse invite them to continue giving their support for the station. All in all, we did a great job. Everyone enjoyed the day. And this campaign strategy will surely put Love Radio to be on top for another years to come.

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