Huwebes, Hulyo 21, 2011

Tired, but worth my time.

     Tired but everything is worth my time. Everyday i wish i could do something that will help someone. Even a little help counts. Yes! it counts and leave a big impact to them. I want my day to end in a worthy way. Yes! it happens today. Just as the moment i arrived at the station, Ms Nicolehyala, ask for a favor. She ask me if i could help her to buy stuffs for kids at the orphanage. For she wanted to help them by giving gifts. She allow me to choose things to buy. Things that i know kids at the orphanage will appreciate. It took me hours to think what to buy, it was tiring. But then, to think how these stuff will make those kids happy is really priceless. I admire Nicolehyala for that. She's really have a good heart for she knows how to share her blessings. Good choice anyway. She gives hope for that kids that still, there is someone who care for them and love them. I do believe that the more you give, the more blessings you will receive .By showing the smallest good deeds is worth a thousand grand intentions  And maybe that's the reason why blessings continue flowing  Miss Nicole's life. Because she knows how to share. I really admire her for that, and it made me feel so glad that somehow i have done a little contribution. No man was ever honored by what he receive, but honor reward for what he gave.

      How i wish i can join her at the orphanage. I wanted to see those kids. I want to see their reaction about the gifts and how they appreciate it. Ms. Nicole continuous to thank me. For she's too busy, she didn't find time to do it on her own. She said that by doing that, i myself give a little help to those kids. I contribute something they really appreciate and enjoy. Heading back at the station, i was too tired. My feet hurts. Ive been at the store for almost 3 hours, just to know what exactly i will buy that will surely appreciate by these kids. Thank God Ms. Nicole herself  loved those stuffs i bought. 

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